EAGER Abstract

The objective of this award is to support the PI in developing a clearer operationalization of the two constructs “projective reflection” and “possible selves,” which the PI sees as potentially transformative ideas for linking strands of research from creativity, inquiry and identity in the context of game design and game play. 

The project will convene a workshop of leading researchers in the learning sciences, experimental design, instrumentation, and game design to advise the PI on how these ideas can be refined to construct dependent measures and guides to observation of behavior. These behavioral advances would then inform the PI’s design of a learning game platform. The workshops would also inform the design of a set of experiments to test conjectures related to the role of identity formation in the learning of STEM knowledge. The ultimate target audience for the game would be middle and high school science and mathematics classes. 

The products and other deliverables will include project reports on the blueprints for designing both electronic STEM games, and the experiments to test the conjectures about the effectiveness of two now refined constructs of “projective reflection” and “possible selves.” If the workshop leads to successful blueprints, these will be shared with the larger game design communities in education via publications and conference presentations, and the PI’s research website. The longer-term broader impact of the work would be to lead to richer instructional electronic games, and more valid and reliable indicators of learning.